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Valley of the Ten Peaks

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Valley of the Ten Peaks, Banff National Park

 Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada


Great Sand Dunes

Great Sand Dunes National Park.


Down Stream

 Zion National park

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Looking South from Zion Park Boulevard.
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Born to ride

Four wheels move the body; Two wheels move the soul

Born to ride

Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul.
Motorcyclist riding through Zion National Park.


Amphitheater of Hoodoos

Bryce Canyon NP

Bryce Canyon NP

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The amphitheater of Bryce Canyon National Park is sprinkled with tall spires of rock called 'hoodoos', formed by stream erosion and frost weathering.


Red-wattled Lapwing

Red-wattled Lapwing

Red-wattled Lapwing

  Red-wattled Lapwing (Vanellus indicus) in Jim Corbett National Park, India. 


Asiatic Elephant

Asiatic Elephant

Asiatic Elephant

Asiatic Elephant

Asiatic Elephant

Asiatic elephant roaming around Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, India.


The Golden Gate

Golden gate bridge and San Francisco

The Golden gate bridge and San Francisco

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Panorama of the Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco taken from here.
Landmarks include (from left to right) Alcatraz, Bay Bridge/Treasure Island, Fisherman's Wharf, Russian Hill, and the Richmond Districts.


Reflections of Aconcagua

The highest mountain in the Americas

Aconcagua, meaning "the stone sentinel", is the highest mountain in the Americas.  With the summit towering at 22,841 feet (6,962 meters), it is the second most prominent peak in the world. This view can be enjoyed after a short walk through Aconcagua provincial park.


San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche

Bariloche at dusk

The city of San Carlos de Bariloche is nestled between the Andes and the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake. While you can enjoy breathtaking views from almost anywhere in the city, this particular vantage point is only available from Penthouse 1004 located in the Bariloche Center Building. The Penthouse 1004 hostel is quite possibly the best hostel in Argentina, not only for its views but also for its facilities, management/staff, and ambiance.


Anacapa Island Seagulls

View from Anacapa Island

Looking toward the Eastern islets of Anacapa Island

Looking toward the Eastern islets of Anacapa as the fog lifts in the afternoon. Anacapa provides a safe haven for thousands of birds that use the island for nesting. In fact, 90% of Southern California's seagulls are born on Anacapa Island and many return to the island to mate.

Seagull on Anacapa Island

Newborn seagull and eggs on Anacapa Island

Seagull with baby on Anacapa

Seagull protecting its baby on Anacapa Island