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Manhattan Skyline

New York, New York

The Manhattan skyline from New Jersey

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This panorama of the Manhattan skyline spans from Midtown to the Financial district. Notable landmarks include the Empire state building and the new World Trade Center construction.

This image was constructed using Autostitch software.


Anacapa Island Seagulls

View from Anacapa Island

Looking toward the Eastern islets of Anacapa Island

Looking toward the Eastern islets of Anacapa as the fog lifts in the afternoon. Anacapa provides a safe haven for thousands of birds that use the island for nesting. In fact, 90% of Southern California's seagulls are born on Anacapa Island and many return to the island to mate.

Seagull on Anacapa Island

Newborn seagull and eggs on Anacapa Island

Seagull with baby on Anacapa

Seagull protecting its baby on Anacapa Island


Goleta Beach at dusk

Sunset at Goleta Beach

Sunset at Goleta Beach

Tide rolls in as the sun sets over Goleta Beach.


The calm after the storm

Goleta - after the storm

Goleta - after the storm

In transition between the storms and the sun, we get a glimpse of the clouds glowing at dusk as they retreat into the mountains.


A Winter Sunset

Ferren Road

Overlooking the ocean

Mountain side

Ferren Road Sunset

Sunset from Ferren Road, Goleta, CA.


A house in the hills

A house on the hill

A house overlooking the Santa Barbara coastline

At the base of the Los Padres National Forest, a house overlooks the Santa Barbara coastline at sunset.


Arch Rock – Welcome to Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Arch rock welcomes visitors into the amazing Yosemite valley.

Welcome to Yosemite National Park! This beautiful entrance made of granodiorite is merely a prelude to the wonders seen inside the park.


Full moon @ sunset

Henry's Beach, Santa Barbara, California

Full moon @ sunset on Henry's Beach, Santa Barbara, CA

The first full moon of 2011 making an appearance as the cliffs bask in the twilight of the sunset.


Campus Point @ sunset


UCSB Campus Point

Friends watch the sunset at Campus Point, UC Santa Barbara.


Palm tree silhouette

Palm tree silhouette

Lights from the Doubletree hotel in Santa Barbara creating a silhouette of the Rainbow Arch and palm trees. View from the Santa Barbara pier.