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Science vs. Engineering

Science vs. Engineering

"Scientists study the world as it is. Engineers create the world that never has been."

- Theodore von Karman.


Goleta Beach at dusk

Sunset at Goleta Beach

Sunset at Goleta Beach

Tide rolls in as the sun sets over Goleta Beach.


A Winter Sunset

Ferren Road

Overlooking the ocean

Mountain side

Ferren Road Sunset

Sunset from Ferren Road, Goleta, CA.


Full moon @ sunset

Henry's Beach, Santa Barbara, California

Full moon @ sunset on Henry's Beach, Santa Barbara, CA

The first full moon of 2011 making an appearance as the cliffs bask in the twilight of the sunset.


Campus Point @ sunset


UCSB Campus Point

Friends watch the sunset at Campus Point, UC Santa Barbara.


Palm tree silhouette

Palm tree silhouette

Lights from the Doubletree hotel in Santa Barbara creating a silhouette of the Rainbow Arch and palm trees. View from the Santa Barbara pier.