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Penguin love

mom and baby penguin

Adult and baby penguin

Magellanic penguin and its chick allopreening. This behavior is crucial to their bond; it also helps remove parasites that are abundant in warmer climates like that of Peninsula Valdez.


Bariloche – Wallpaper

Download it!

Download it!

Go ahead... download it!

Lets face it, being stuck at a computer sucks sometimes. I've uploaded this image of San Carlos de Bariloche to help with your desktop blues, so enjoy it as the wallpaper on your widescreen monitor. I hope you it helps you 'get away' without having to leave your desk.


The Andes

Los Andes

Aerial view of the Andes mountain range

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An aerial view of the Andes mountain range between Santiago, Chile and Mendoza, Argentina.